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IMPORTANT:Please be informed that due to original equipment manufacturers not offering the parts required for most machines to be serviced, JetEx, Inc. will no longer repair inkjet printers. If you would like a recommendation we suggest Brother printers as they offer good technical support, extended warranties and we can offer OEM equivalent cartridges at up to 30% below retail prices.

Printer Repair Service

Printer Repair Service Colorado SpringsThere are situations where minor repairs are far more economical than replacing a printer or fax machine thereby continuing to provide years of reliable printer service.

At JetEx, Inc., our manufacturer-trained technician can promptly get your printer or fax machine back to proper working order so you can resume day to day operations. We repair the most common brands and types of printers and fax machines to include:

  • Canon printer repair
  • HP printer repair
  • Lexmark printer repair
  • Brother printer repair
  • and Dell printer repair

In addition to printer repair services, we offer regular maintenance and inspection services for printers and fax machines.

Printers used in an office environment can accumulate small paper fragments that can compromise the reliability of the printer. Periodical inspection and maintenance of printers will offer dependable service and extend the life of the printer.

Business Customers

If you have a printer or fax machine at your place of work, we’re happy to visit your location for an inspection*. In some cases, we may be able to quickly fix the problem at your location. You can also drop off your printer at our location for a low rate of $65.00.
*$85.00 time and travel fee

Residential Customers

If you own a laser printer for your home or your home office and are having troubles printing, bring it by our office for a free inspection. We’ll be able to read any error codes to determine what the problem is and a recommendation for repairs.

All Work Is Guaranteed and Warrantied

We guarantee and warranty all of our printer repair work. We do what it takes to get your printer or fax machine to satisfactory working condition at no additional cost to you. All printer repair work is warrantied 90 days for parts and labor.

Here is more information about when to repair your printer or buy a new one …

Weighing Your Options Between Buying a New Printer or Repairing the Old One

Just like a lot of printer sales and printer repair service companies, we often receive numerous calls everyday from customers inquiring about whether they should repair their printer or buy a new one.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your printer, or fax machine for that matter, if the cost of repair turns out to be more than half the value of your machine. Although printer repair service is usually the cheaper option, especially for larger laser printers, below are some reasons why it might be time to purchase a new printer:

1) Printer Will Not Print, May Be Obsolete

If there are no error messages pointing out the problem, check to be certain that the device is still connected, via Ethernet cable, USB or—if it is a wireless variety—that the Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to the right network. The printer software and drivers may need to be reinstalled on the computer you are trying to print from. However, if your printer is no longer supported by the manufacturer, it may be time to purchase a new printer.

2) Printer Indicates It Is Running Out of Ink, but You Still Can Print

Do not rush to replace cartridges if you see a low-ink warning. Almost all modern devices have some kind of ink tank level indicator, and will issue warnings when your ink is low. The accuracy of these warnings largely depends on the condition of your machine. If there is a problem with the indicator system, you may get low-ink warnings well before the ink level is actually low. So, if you notice this warning coming a lot more often than usual, then it would be clear your printer needs simple printer repair service or it might be time to replace the printer.

3) You Cannot Print from Your Mobile Device to Your Printer

Every printer, whether modern or traditional, should be able to print from a mobile device. However, it may not be possible for some older printers to print from a mobile device. If this is the case for you and you need to be able to print from a mobile device, it might be time to update to a new printer.

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Warning! Do not transport your printer until you read this!

Ink Spills from your printer... Many people don't know that some printers have a waste ink tank inside that, over time, fills with ink. So if you are going to move your printer be sure to carry it flat just like it sits on your table or desk. If you are transporting your printer to a repair station you might want to put it inside a plastic garbage type bag and place it flat in your trunk. If it spills, you would rather have ink inside that bag than on your clothes or vehicle. Trust us...we have seen this happen many times.